in paris, the mcdonalds big 'M' is the only one in the world that is white, rather than yellow, it was thought that yellow was too tacky


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when your sink is full, the little hole that lets the water drain instead of flowing over the side is called a porcelator

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toby's birth

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Toby Lee Williams
September 6th 2001    4.40pm    21"    8lb 14oz

toby's here!
toby's here!

toby's name!
toby's name

williams is originally a welsh name

toby was just a name that we both liked. there was a web designer who worked at bluewave called toby (toby fisher) - he was very tall, bald and good at basketball. he refers to toby as ‘mini me’. unfortunately we had moved to america by the time toby was born so toby (fisher) never got to meet him in person. following the TV link of Aly’s name, there was also a character on a TV show called "the west wing" named toby. 'toby' is derived from the name ‘tobias’. tobias is from the greek form of hebrew ‘tobiah’ meaning ‘god is good’.

lee (leigh) is dani’s middle name and lee is also kenny’s middle name. the name ‘lee’ is based on the surname. It is derived from the old english ‘leah’ meaning wood or clearing.