a 1969 iowa study showed a parent's stress level at conception is a major factor in determining a child's sex. the child is usually the same sex as the less stressed parent


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i LOVE the nickjr website. even if you don't let your children watch as much tv as i do [and shouldn't], this website is great. it's a litle slow to load but is worth it's weight in gold. recent favourite pages of mine are:

when you become a parent you learn so much from doing, some from tv or magazines but the rest is made up of those little gems you pick up from family and friends - tips which stand you in really good stead so this is my way of crediting those people and adding a few tips of my own.

thank you to everybody for..

  • use arnica cream for bruising [midwife]
  • when doing night-time potty train, take the child to the bathroom on your way to bed [megan]
  • rotate toys; keep some toys aside from birthdays for a surprise later on; do toy swaps with friends [magazine]
  • don't expect too much when they're tired or hungry [book]
  • don't wish their life away [mum]
  • take time for the special moments [magazine]
  • give them as much time as you can afford [magazines etc.]
  • you expect your child to listen to you but don't forget to listen to them [book]
  • don't dumb down for them too much [vygotsky (my child psychology hero) and amy geiger - whose 1 year old daughter could name a rhododendron!]
  • try to see things from their point of view [how would you like it if you'd just started to play a game and someone picked you up and dragged you away?]
  • get them to pick up after themselves [jessica thibeault]
  • you can teach them anything if you put your mind to it [helga]
  • when they wake you up in the middle of the night try to think of it as the opportunity to have a quiet snuggle! [a magazine]
  • viral rashes can just occur randomly without any other symptoms - especially in the first year of a child's life [doctor!]
  • try to avoid having to say no - eg. put ornaments out of reach, provide 2 choices for the child wherever possible [lisa urwick's mom/books]
  • let them play in the dirt - it's good for them! [haggett and heather quaal]
  • toddlers can live off VERY little food [mum]
  • give them water, a paintbrush and a balcony/patio etc. to paint [mum?]
  • relax and do whatever it takes to make life easier for everyone [me]

i know there are many more things than i've listed here. i'll keeping adding as they come to me.




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