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january 2014

january 22

bleugh...back to real life was hard! the snow seems to be keeping me more cheerful than in januaries in the past though. it's just the perfect amount of beauty and interest without the inconvenience. quite often it will be snowing at home but there's nothing at work [15 minutes away and downhill].

my new year's resolution has been going ok; we haven't exactly been 'early' - except for the one day where we froze death standing in the snow outside the kindergarten classroom for 10 minutes, but zoe's always made it to school before the doors shut!

zoe has started swimming classes after refusing to entertain the thought for 18 months or so. she's doing great and said 'i've had a smile on my face all day long because i'm going swimming' the first day i picked her up from school to take her to lessons [this was very surprising since she usually just reels off a list of complaints about her day].

we did finally make it ice skating, but on the smoother rink in the middle of downtown. judging by the snow today we still might have the chance to skate on the pond outside the house. we also should really try to get skiing in big white since i've been meaning to go for years and we're only an hour away now.

we might be in the snow, but sascha's in the sun in LA for a week. he had been heard to mutter about all the travel he has to do in the next couple of months but i have very little sympathy for him since his line-up for this week includes the grammys with his brother and sister-in-law, an NHL game at dodger's stadium, a trip to disneyland, an evening at the magic castle in hollywood [the clubhouse for the academy of magical arts] not to mention various other fancy schmancy meals. poor him!

january 2

we had a lovely christmas with sascha's family - his sister, dad, dani and toryn all made it over. unfortunately, dani was ill within seconds of arriving and then i was ill [stomach flu?] the next day which made for a quiet christmas eve/day for me. fortunately i was better again in time to enjoy some time with them [and it also got me out of cooking christmas dinner - thanks nikki!]

the entire family was spoilt - we really should try to cut down next year. i'd love to show you some photos but between me being ill and being lazy, i don't really seem to have any. i'll have to see if someone else was more proactive than me!

my new year's resolution was to get my blog revamped in 2013 and i don't seem to have quite made it within the deadline, but i am making some progress [ie. outsourcing it finally!] this year's resolution is to be earlier for everything. i hate being early but in the past i've usually been pretty good at arriving on time. unfortunately standards have been slipping and zoe's school being quite a distance from home has definitely put my scraping-in-at-the-last-minute strategy to the test. not to mention unpredictably icy roads, a mountain to cross and a kindergarten teacher who locks the door as soon as the bell goes [which results in an amusing scene as various parents jam their foot in the door to let the late kids squeeze in!] anyway, it's all been a little stressful. despite my best efforts to be as organized as possible the night before [bags are packed, homework is done as soon as we get home and a week's worth of sandwiches are frozen each sunday], i reluctantly acknowledge that i probably need to wake myself up earlier so i can manage the kids more efficiently in the morning. boo hoo :(

it's going to be difficult to go back to school/work again. it's been the most wonderfully relaxing break. we've had a lot of fun together playing games - both video games [on sascha's new PS4] and board games. we haven't yet made it to a ski hill or even to skate on the pond outside the door but i guess winter has only just begun so we should have time to squeeze it in!

between daniel and sara's wedding in wales in april and dani and toryn's disney cruise wedding to alaska in july, 2014 is looking like an exciting year. bring it on!

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