a group of frogs is called an army


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approximately 150 people are killed each year by coconuts

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expat/immigration sites
search engines


expat / immigration

cbc kids
nick jr
moms club of ventura and moms club of ventura east sob. i miss them so :,-(
pbs kids
playhouse disney
preschool paper crafts
treehouse tv [canadian]
richmond family place
brits abroad
british expats a very useful site with discussion threads on all aspects of immigration etc.
citizenship and immigration canada
city of richmond
city of vancouver
expat brits meetup a way of getting in touch with other expats in your area and arranging meetings
expat.telegraph.co.uk fairly top level and a little commercial
permission to travel letter needed when your child is not travelling with both parents. it may also need to be notarised. by printing our own form we saved about CAN$10.

bbc news
boing boing a directory of wonderful things
pogo is a great free gambling/game site with prizes and draws [not that we've ever won anything of course]

clipper street scrapbook store my favourite bc scrapbook place
creating keepsakes my magazine of choice
creative memories just felt obliged to include it because i do all my workshops through them. i hate this site
dMarie great newsletter
scrapbook warehouse local scrapbook store in vancouver
simple scrapbooks creating keepsakes' sister publication
twopeasinabucket filled with ideas, poetry, titles etc. - very handy

search engines
amusing facts.com i use a few different sources for my facts on my pages [top left and right] but this is the one i use most and feel i should credit. i also don't claim to know if any of these stolen facts are true :) for a full list of useless facts i have included on unblog, check out my useless facts inventory
babblefish language translator - terrible site but very useful
british american dictionary
dictionary.com very useful
flickr handy online place to find photos or store your own photos. here are mine
friends united i'm so happy to have contacted old friends through this wonderful site
google of course
song lyrics
yahoo unfortunately. anyone have a suitable alternative?