california has issued 6 drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ


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27% of americans think billboards are beautiful

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[canada only] figuring out where to buy what when none of the stores are familiar to you can be tricky. i print enough digital prints that i figured i should probably do a proper comparison.
you know you've been away too long when..
[US only] there's no news on the radio. how weird. in fact, there's no news on the news.
more on tv
the new big thing here seems to be getting yourself an 'e-life'. this interprets into being able to send text messages on your cell phone... imagine that. how innovative.
buoys. why pronounce it booooeeeez and as for khaki..
more on my vocabulary problems
bad timing on my part - having kids then moving.. i had to contend with all sorts of weird terms and phrases - dummies are suddenly binkies??
more on parenting in america [in the parenting section]
oddly signatures don't seem to matter here but they DO often want to check your id when you use a credit card
more on id/credit card issues
i've been reduced to watching corrie and emmerdale for a feeble bit of pub culture in my life.
why letters instead of numbers for phone numbers in commercials? [sorry adverts]. i love the idea. they should be straight forward, but my english brain can't cope. they just annoy me.
sascha has a theory that americans are completely unaware of anyone but themselves when driving. i'm just relieved that we live in a state with a speed limit of 70. we could live in oregon - you're not even allowed to pump your own gas [petrol] at the gas station. [garage] there.

of course i love it really. want to listen to me drone on about other things i hate?!