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house construction

media gallery / 2001 / house construction

house details
this is the finished product, but here's how we got there....

house construction
house construction
412 roosevelt court
ventura, CA 93003

december 2000
we weren’t looking for a NEW house when our crazy realtor (maggie bird) showed us the presidential estates development just before christmas 2000.

january 2001
sascha came back to sign the contract in january 2001.

february 2001
peta & sascha flew out for 5 days in february to pick out fixtures and fittings and find a doctor for all the pregnancy check ups that were to come (aly had her first vacation away from mommy and daddy at grammy & grandad’s house)

april 2001
we all moved to a rented apartment in peninsula road (channel islands) (making a short trip to tokyo on the way).

may 2001
house is due to be finished but rain delayed things.

july 2001
we finally move in on 4th july (not easy since all the roads around our old apartment were blocked off for the huge harbour firework display!

house construction
house construction
house construction

stages of development:
great room
the great room - for a great room we sure managed to fill it with toys pretty quickly. the inflatable train in the shot was a gift from great nanny for aly’s 1st birthday.

the kitchen

the bathroom

the backyard